Hector GilchristHector Gilchrist has sung from an early age, the songs of his Home Country together with a wide range of traditional and contemporary material. A 52 year career in the Dairy Industry, has necessarily limited his appearances at Folk Clubs and Festivals throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond, but time is now being found to accept more invitations to perform.

Acknowledged as a fine and sensitive interpreter of the Songs of Burns and in demand during the “Season”, he brings to each performance of these and other songs and ballads, a depth of feeling to the storyline and melody, which engages the listener and is supported with an uncomplicated guitar technique.

The most recent addition to Hector's catalogue of Folk recordings on the Wildgoose label is the CD “Gleanings”, details of which can be found on the albums page.

A surprising departure from the Folk genre has been the 2020 autumn release of an album of American song titles of the 30's and 40's, accompanied brilliantly on piano by Jonny Dyer with support artists Vicki Swan, Carol Anderson, Jacob Houghton and Rik Parry.

Further details and sound samples can be found on the page dedicated to this CD entitled “ … with love Hector Gilchrist and Jonny Dyer”.

A message to friends and fans

Hector Gilchrist, Singer, 2014

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Hector Gilchrist. He lived life to the fullest and did what he loved till the end.
I know that the folk scene meant so much to him and I want to make sure that his music is still available for those who would like to listen so I will keep this website running and his SoundCloud. Any further communication will be done through this email: steven_ansell@aol.com

Extracts from Reviews and Comments

Heartwarmingly good.


Mick Tems, FolkWales online magazine
Cracking good and arrangements to die for.


Gavin Atkin, Folk London
The whole package a very pleasant listening experience.


Derek Gifford, Folk North West
Some fine Gleanings indeed, ear catching while still firmly rooted in the Tradition and well worth seeking out.


Bob Walton, Folk Roots
A real treat of an album from a master craftsman.


Emma Marshall, Fatea magazine
Gleanings is an album reminiscent of a time when singers didn’t overthink things.


Dai Jefferies, folking.com
Anyone with an ear for a fine song will appreciate Hector’s unfailing good taste.


David Kidman, Living Tradition magazine

A relaxing and enjoyable hour in the presence of an understated craftsman.


Ian Croft, RnR magazine
Simply Gorgeous

Days o' Grace

Cara Luft (Canada)
This album is a gem.

Days o' Grace

Living Tradition
Good songs rooted in the Tradition.

Days o' Grace

R 2
Delightful songs Beautifully sung

Days o' Grace

An album worthy of attention

Days o' Grace

Hector's singing has a powerful intimacy

Days o' Grace


Professionalism and pure enjoyment



One of the Best

The Lea Rig

What's Afoot

This man could sing the telephone directory

Mike Silver (England)

This one stopped me in my tracks


Living Tradition

A gorgeous album



On continuous play in our house


Krista Detor (U.S.A.)