… With Love

Hector’s Album Notes

My association with Folk Music in its many forms, began following my move from Ayrshire and my first post as a college lecturer in Cheshire in 1961.

I had progressed through the advent of skiffle and was now beginning to take a more serious interest in the traditional songs of my homeland and the many contemporary singers and songwriters who were coming to the fore in the “Revival”

Soon after my arrival in Nantwich, the “Sing Out” Crewe Folk Club was formed by David Carless and his soon to be wife, Gwenna.  This Club provided the foundation for me and many others, in a life-long association  with  the genre and with the many friends whom I have made through the medium of the music.

I have been fortunate that despite extensive travel home and abroad throughout my long business career, and lengthy periods away from home base, that I have been favoured with invitations to sing at venues near and far over the years and in between my business duties in the Dairy Industry, have found time to record 7 C.D.s of Folk based material. Five of these on the Wildgoose label.

That this collection of songs may be a complete surprise and perhaps shock, to those who know me only as a folk singer is to be expected, but in my late teenage years, it had been suggested that I might accept the offer of an apprenticeship with a well known Band Leader and Musical arranger of the time, but I opted for Dairy Technology.

My parents, who had emigrated to America in the 20’s  and returned in the 30’s, regularly met with the extended family who regularly visited  our small farm on post war, pre-television week-ends and  these songs and  similar melodies were usually in the air on such occasions, as my parents and many of my relatives were fine singers.

This recording is a tribute to those times and  this collection of well known popular love ballads  is reminiscent of  what proved to be simpler times which I can look back upon with nostalgia.

I hope that you will like them.


November 2020.

Track List

01 I’ve Got You Under My Skin
02 Just The Way You Look Tonight
03 I Only Have Eyes For You
04 I’m In The Mood For Love
05 The Nearness Of You
06 Begin The Beguine
07 I’ll Be Seeing You
08 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
09 Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
10 Fly Me To The Moon

For your convenience I have provided three sample tracks below.

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